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Connecticut residents in and around East Lyme rely on Tumolo Financial for trusted advice on their portfolios. Calling on decades of financial experience, Ken Tumolo and his staff offer tax recommendations, Social Security maximization, wealth management, retirement income planning and much more. They answer questions such as, “Am I going to have enough?”, how do I protect what I saved, how to plan with taxes in mind and many other top concerns, to make you feel comfortable in your decisions leading up to and during your retirement years.

Retirement Income Planning

If you’re hoping to spend between $40,000 and $50,000 a year in retirement, did you know you’ll need about a $1 million in savings? Those numbers sound scary if you’re going it alone, but with Ken Tumolo of Tumolo Financial, you can find out the exact financial goal you’ll need to reach the retirement income you desire — and, he’ll show you how to best get there, too.
At Tumolo Financial, you’ll also discover how you can reduce the taxes you pay on investments, provide your margins more breathing room, and narrow down which accounts will be the most beneficial to you in your retirement years.

Maximizing Social Security

Do you know what age you should begin taking Social Security in order to maximize your benefits? It’s a simple question that can have a complex answer, depending on your financial portfolio. Residents in East Lyme, Connecticut, rely on Tumolo Financial to take into account their work history, investments, and age, and come up with optimal plans for maximizing their benefits.
When you call Ken Tumolo at Tumolo Financial, you’ll gain the expertise to learn more about what you can expect from your Social Security payments. If you want to get more from your Social Security, we can help you maximize their potential.

Efficient Tax Planning

Are you overpaying taxes? Considerable training in efficient tax planning is necessary to understand the areas in your tax return that may be costing you more than you need to pay. Fortunately, Ken Tumolo owns the experience and expertise to make sure they maximize their tax returns to their utmost benefit.
This expertise at Tumolo Financial is especially beneficial to their clients’ retirement years. They help clients understand their taxes as they relate to rollovers, annuities, and other assets. Whatever the state of your current portfolio, Tumolo Financial will provide suggestions and recommendations that help you save on taxes now and in the future.

The Tumolo Financial Difference

Because Ken Tumolo is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who holds the coveted Series 66 license, he is able to offer his clients both retirement income planning and complete money management services. He makes sure his clients own solid reasons for their investments, and that they fully understand how these investments will contribute to prosperous retirement years.